Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Plowing

I was also at the farm yesterday to see how the field was coming. It is still rather wet out there. I am anxious to get planting. I have lots of pea seeds I received that I can share with anyone that is interested. I am a Snohomish County Master Gardener and I have been gardening on my own property for sometime, but this is the first large gardening project I have under taken. I am also part of the group out here teaching about Growing Groceries for families and communties. I feel it is essential that we all know where are food is coming from and that growing locally is very important. I will help anyone with questions if needed. I am trying to draw up my own garden plot. I intend to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. My special interest is growing Heirloom melons. I am looking forward to gardening with everyone it should be lots of fun!! Carol


  1. Great Carol...It will be nice to have a Master Gardener in the group. I am sure we can all learn a lot from you.

  2. Tell us more about heirloom melons. I thought most melons required more heat than we get in the Northwest. What varieties? How do you grow them?