Thursday, March 19, 2009

More on plowing

Chris reports:
I wanted to update you on the pasture plowing by our neighbor: It has now been plowed down to 12" and the soil looks just as pretty as expected. Photos attached.

The final step is to rototill to smooth and fluff up the soil. To do this, the soil needs to be reasonbly dry, which is a factor of both how fast the raised furrows "drain" and the rainfall. Our neighbor is best-qualified to make this assesment, so I'm leaving it to his discretion. But, the tiller is mounted on his tractor and he's anxious to get it completed, so that he can get paid. I'll let you know just as soon as the job is finished, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Although not everyone opted for the soil prep, everyone is still getting the lower rate as if it was a simpler job. That's $45 for 1/4 acre and dirt cheap compared to how much work it would be to prep the soil manually or with a small tiller, that wouldn't cultivate nearly as deeply. This will be due as soon as the cultivation is completed.

So, if you have a 1/4 acre mini-farm and have not already paid, please be ready to mail a check either now or soon. Please make your $45 check payable to "Bruce King." You can mail it to me at:

Starbird Community Farm
1907 51st Avenue SE
Everett, WA 98205

I'm as excited as you are to get rolling and see how everyone's planning unfolds.

all the best,


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