Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring plowing 2

Chris reports:

Regarding tilling the West Pasture, the process began a few days ago in pastures to the east of the barn. After about an acre, the friction clutch on the farmer's tiller attachment burned out and caught on fire. The new part was put on order and should arrive soon.

The weather is also a big factor at the moment. The day after the tiller broke down, we were blessed with 4" of snow in an hour. The snow then half-melted and then froze solid for a few days. The result is that the soil is currently saturated with water and it would have been counter-productive to till it. As our farmer neighbor put it, "Rather than aerating the soil, it would have turned it into a frappe." When it dried, it would be as hard as a brick down 6".

Obviously, we don't want that. So, we need to wait until Mom Nature gives us the go ahead to till. We are watching this every day and everyone is anxious to get it completed. As soon as it's done, I'll let you know, and to whom to write the check for the tilling.

In case you run into anyone who's looking for a garden patch, there are still about a dozen jumbo p-patches left to lease @ $110 including tilling. On the other side of the barn are a 1/4 acre pasture and a 1/2 acre pasture, that could be split in two, remaining. Both are already tilled. For the larger parcel in one piece, I'll throw in the cost of the tilling for free.

It should be a fun season ahead. There will be at least 20 gardeners working in this field, with a wide range of backstories, all connected by a love of gardening.

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