Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Solar Roof

Yesterday Dave from Puget Sound Solar cam back and replaced a faulty switch way up on the top of the roof (why put a switch there?). Anyway, that fed AC power to the East side of our solar array so now we are 'cookin' with all 24 panels. Today we made 16 Kwh of power. On an average day our house uses 10 Kwh. That means that for quite a while today our electric meter actually ran backwards and we credited our account. In addition, the State of Washington pays us 15¢ per Kwh for everything we produce.

You can view the performance of our system here.

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  1. In the first week we captured 93 Kwh of energy from the sun. We used 48 Kwh and fed 45 Kwh into the grid. On our best day we did 16 Kwh and on our worst 2 Kwh. Based on this performance, I'd estimate that on a really good day without any clouds we could capture 32 Kwh. Our house uses an average of 11.5 Kwh/day.