Sunday, May 24, 2009

Driveway 'Pavement'

Hi Gardeners. We have chips. I mean a load of wood chips has been dumped at the entrance to the garden. There is probably enough for us to spread out over the mud holes at the entrance and along the road so that we can drive vehicles up the central lane to our gardens. We all need to bring our shovels and all pitch in to get this done ASAP! Then we can be off the road and our of the sheriff's sight. Whoopee! You folks along the front, spread them out along the road. Any excess should be put on the south side of the entrance, well inside so that we can create an off-road parking area there. Be sure to make the filling deep enough so they can be driven on -- at least 8 inches, deeper in the mud holes.

I can hardly wait to be able to bring truckloads of compost to my plot. I wouldn't think of trying to wheelbarrow a truckload of stuff back to the southeast corner.

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