Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The End of Starbird Farm (as I know it)

We're finished at Starbird Farm. There are a couple of lengths of pea fence left out there that I will retrieve when I recover from the cold I've had for the past few days, but that is all. We were discouraged by the high winter water table and all the canary grass. Winter gardening is impossible there and last year's cool June enabled the weeds to take control. Our production was less than half the previous year. As far as I can see, we were the last gardener standing at Starbird Farm.

We're moving to a new place which we purchased last July. It is in Smokey Point, north of Ebey Island along I-5. The soil is very well drained. There is no standing water, even in winter. And, there are dozens of acres of land available for rent in the area. See my new blog at Simplicity Rose Farm.

I see that the curator of Starbird Farm was trying to sell these 1/4 acre plots for $22K last summer. I don't think he sold any at that price.

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