Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Plowing

I went to the farm today to see if Bruce King (of Ebey Island Farm -- see link to the right) had delivered a load of wood chips that I had ordered. Not yet. Bruce needs to get his truck running. No hurry! But I did notice that the ground was probably dry enough to get some tilling done.

3 hours later, I had covered about 2/3 of my plot -- 2 to 4 passes in some cases. The areas that I had tilled a couple of times last fall were easy and are now ready to plant. The areas I didn't get to had more canary grass and will have to be tilled at least one more time before they are ready. So now it depends on the rains. The forecast is for rain tonight and tomorrow, so it might be next week before I can get int the garden again.

It is sure nice to be working with the soil again.

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  1. 04/06/2001 -- If it doesn't rain (well, maybe a shower would be OK) tonight then I plan to get in and till the rest of the garden tomorrow. I'll also do a second tilling cross-ways to the way I did before. That should take me 4-5 hours for our 100x150 plot. Then I want to attach my furrowing attachment and make at least 4 100 ft long furrows. We'll bring some volunteer help in Wednesday afternoon to plant potatoes.